Surviving A Heart Attack

When it comes to Heart Disease, we believe that no one should ever have to utter the words “I wish I would have known”.

Get informed today, and start by downloading out free survival kit. 


Our Mission

We commit to use our voices as a vehicle of change, a vehicle for saving lives, and to inform, empower, and educate historically disadvantaged groups. We fight to combat heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes, as well as the environments, lifestyles, and stressors that impair health outcomes such as inadequate access to affordable housing.

Our Goal

To use our resources to help individuals meet some of their financial burdens like visits to the cardiologist office. No one should have to skip or miss an appointment with their doctor because they don’t have the co-pay.

A Message From Our Founder, Sharon Bond

The Heart Speaks Foundation is a Nonprofit 501c3 with a mission to help others know more about heart disease and the environments, lifestyles, and stressors that impact and/or impair heart health. As a survivor of a heart attack, and someone who underwent lifesaving open heart surgery, I am committed to shining a bright light on the number one killer in the United States.

No one should ever have to say, “I wish I would have known more about heart disease, had I known more maybe my outcome would have been different.” Remember information is key and listen to your heart.