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'Lokasamasta Suhino Bhavantu'

(May all beings everywhere be happy and free, may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.)

"HeartSpeaks is an antidote to live life fully, totally with awareness from moment to moment." - Joji Valli

An open forum to express the feelings of the Heart to motivate and to inspire mutually. Anything that could touch and enhance the other person to progress in life and thereby help them to lead a happy and prosperous life. Be a part of HeartSpeaks, witness the transformation in your life and became a catalist for others by sharing invaluable treasure of wisdom and material resources.

HeartSpeaks is a purely CSR initiative which encourages individuals to practice PSR (Personal Social Responsibility) rather CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
Each individual's ability to respond to the ground realities of life.

Why CSR?
"The mere realization that there is no antidote for the suffering and pain that we undergo here on earth. Thus, some wise people realized at the beginning of humanity that the unaffected needs to take care of the affected." - Joji Valli

Corporate Social Responsibility


A corporate has responsibility to its employees and to the wider communities in which it operates. How its practices affect its workers, and stakeholders to promote all of their best interests.

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Committing to sustainable environmental practices can save money and reduce environmental footprints by reducing waste, conserving energy, and maintaining environmentally safe manufacturing processes.

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Making money is essential to business success. But the mere realization that its own sustainability rests on its ability to work harmoniously in its social and environmental settings.

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